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Trish Monture Centre for Student Success opensAt a special event on Nov. 24, the College of Arts & Science celebrated the official naming of the Trish Monture Centre for Student...More >
Send the University of Saskatchewan Wind Orchestra to WASBEThe U of S Wind Orchestra has launched a campaign to fund its trip to a prestigious international...More >

About the College of Arts & Science

College of Arts & Science continues to be the largest and most dynamic college on the University of Saskatchewan's campus. As the oldest college at the U of S, our enrollment has witnessed exponential expansion from the 70 students who first attended classes in downtown Saskatoon’s Drinkle Building to the nearly 8,000 students we serve today.

With more than 45 per cent of the total student population at the U of S, we are comprised of 22 departments, 4 affiliated programs and 15 interdisciplinary programs, all taught by more than 300 faculty members. Arts and Science provides approximately half of the undergraduate courses offered at the U of S, with 60 subject areas grouped into four program types: Humanities, Social Sciences, Science and Fine Arts.


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