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Programs with Aboriginal Content

Below is a list of Arts & Science programs that have Aboriginal content in them. Feel free to click through to the course calendar for more information on each program.


Anthropology 224.3
North American Plains Ethnography

Art History 252.6
First People's Art History

Art History 253.3
Aboriginal Art History I
A survey of Aboriginal art history within the Canadian regions of the West
Coast, Plateau, Western Sub-Arctic and Arctic.

Art History 255.3
Aboriginal Art History II
A survey of Aboriginal art history within the Canadian regions of the
Plains, Woodlands, Eastern Sub-Arctic and East Coast.

Art History 323.3
European Colonialism in the Visual Arts, 1880-1920
This class explores the role that a mass diffusion of visual technologies and built forms at the turn-of-the-last-century was constitutive in shaping the West's imperial worldview and its notion of the Other. It also explores the work of contemporary Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists who have developed a range of visual strategies to interrogate and shift the ongoing legacies of visual colonialism, today.

Art History 358.3
Postmodernism in Art
This class focusses on a critical postmodernism that looks at Indigenous, diasporic and global art and visual culture in the 1980s and 1990s.

Art History 340.3
Contemporary Performance Art Theory and Praxis
What is performance art? How does live art and radical politics intersect,
connect or collide?

Art History 345.3
Saskatchewan Aboriginal Art History
A historical survey of artistic practises of First Nations in the
Saskatchewan area from ancient times to present day.

Art History 355.3
Contemporary Aboriginal Art I
A critical examination of Contemporary visual art made in Canada from the
1970s to 2000.

Art History 418.3
Studies in Contemporary Art
In a series of case studies, this class explores how contemporary art is addressing some of the most urgent social, cultural, economic and ecological issues of the day. The case studies include the work of Indigenous, diasporic and global artists, architects, curators, and critical thinkers.

Art History 455.3
Contemporary Aboriginal Art II
A critical examination of Contemporary visual art made in Canada in the 21st

History 263.6 (Formerly HIST 222)
The Canadian North

History 264.3
Introduction to the History of Native-Newcomer Relations to 1880

History 265.3
Introduction to the History of Native-Newcomer Relations, 1880-Present

Political Studies 222.3
Aboriginal Governance and Politics

Political Studies 322.3
Aboriginal Management and Administrative Systems

Political Studies 323.3
Aboriginal Policies and Programs

Psychology 380.3
Issues in Traditional Health and Healing

Sociology 319.3
Native People in Urban Areas

Sociology 320.3
Social Welfare and the Native Peoples

Sociology 341.3
Institutional Racism and Canadian Native People


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