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We present four plays a year on our Greystone Mainstage season, showcasing the work of our student actors and technicians, both onstage and behind the scenes. Whether classical or cutting-edge and contemporary, every season offers a diverse mix of plays chosen to challenge our students and to entrance our audiences: a matter that is as true today as it was in 1946, when Greystone Mainstage Productions premiered on campus at the U of S.

Welcome to Greystone Theatre

The Greystone Theatre presents four Mainstage plays a year, large-cast plays, plays from the classic repertory, cutting-edge new plays. Greystone Theatre, one of the oldest theatres in the province, started in 1946 in the first drama department in Canada and the Commonwealth. Check out ticket information and upcoming performances.

Frankenstein; or The Man and the Monster

A Romantic Melo-Drama in Two Acts

October 9-19, 2019
By H.M. Milner
Directed by Dwayne Brenna

Henry Milner's 1826 Frankenstein, based on Mary Shelley's famous novel, was the first stage adaptation that featured the birth of the Monster on stage, in plain view of the audience.  Subsequent retellings of the story, on stage and screen, have rarely failed to capitalize on Milner's innovation.  Even Mel Brooks, in his modernized film comedy Young Frankenstein, chose to show the birth of the Monster directly to the audience, with the subsequent line, "It's alive!", uttered by the excited scientist who gave the Monster life.

Milner's adaptation plays fast and loose with the original story, setting it at the Prince Del Piombino's villa in Sicily.  Through early scenes, the Monster learns to hate the world into which he has been born.  In the final scene, set on the volcanic Mount Etna, the Monster is cornered by townspeople and soldiers.

Return with Greystone Theatre to the glory days of the melodrama, with its exotic settings and larger-than-life characters!  Enjoy the spectacle of Frankenstein's Monster as he was first portrayed on the London stage!

Playhouse Creatures

November 20-30, 2019
By April de Angelis
Directed by Julia Jamison

Rivalries and relationships that develop between the first actresses to grace the London stage are exposed both offstage and on, as we voyeuristically peek in on the dressing room antics and heroic performances of this all-women cast.  Set in the time of Charles II, four famous Restoration actresses, including Nell Gwynn, navigate their way through their precarious careers with wit, charm and spunk.

“ . . . the prevailing tone is comic but you are not allowed to forget the gutter waiting to reclaim these glittering figures.”  Independent on Sunday

Check back in the fall for information on the two winter productions of the 2019-2020 Greystone Season!


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