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Safely view the partial solar eclipse and learn about space physics at this free public event.

Solar Eclipse Viewing

Safely view the partial solar eclipse at the USask Observatory


Date: Monday, April 8
11:30 am–2 pm
University of Saskatchewan Observatory, 108 Wiggins Rd., Saskatoon

Free and open to the public

Safety notice: Do NOT look at the solar eclipse with naked eyes. During an eclipse, the sun appears dimmed and becomes easier to look at, while light from the portion of the Sun that is uneclipsed is dangerous to your eyes and can cause blindness. Special equipment is needed to safely view the eclipse.

About this event

A partial solar eclipse will be visible from Saskatchewan on Wednesday, April 8. Come to the USask Observatory to watch it safely and learn from experts.

•  Look safely at the sun through the observatory’s special solar telescope and RASC telescopes with solar filters

•  Tour the observatory facilities

•  Learn to make pinhole cameras to safely view the eclipse yourself

•  Hear space physicists from SuperDARN talk about the sun and space physics

This event is presented by the USask Observatory, the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (Saskatoon Centre) and SuperDARN Canada.


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