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A. Ross Keele M. Ed., R. Psych.

Professional Affiliate in Psychology and Health Studies

Arts 154

Teaching & Supervision

correctional psychology criminal behaviour risk assessment

Graduate Studies & Research – Department of Psychology (2011-present)
Postgraduate Degree Specialization Certificate in Corrections (PGDSCC)

CORR 810  Evidence-based Practice
CORR 820  Legislation and Policy
CORR 840  Case Management
CORR 850  Intervention
CORR 870  Clinical Supervision

College of Arts & Sciences – Department of Psychology (2001-2016)
PSY 213.3  Child Psychology
PSY 222.3  Personality Psychology
PSY 230.3  Theory and Treatment of Criminal Behaviour
PSY 257.3  Clinical and Counselling Psychology

Graduate Studies & Research – Department of Educational Psychology (2000-2001)
EDPSY 835.3 Assessment in Educational Psychology: Introduction
EDPSY 836.3 Assessment in Educational Psychology: Intermediate