Picture of Arul Kumaran, STM

Arul Kumaran, STM M.A. and M.Phil. (Madras, India), Ph.D. (Saskatchewan)

Faculty Member in English
STM Faculty Member in English

St. Thomas More 3003

Research Area(s)

  • Early Modern English Pamphlets
  • Shakespeare and Magic
  • Renaissance Courtesy Literature
  • Courtesy and the Early Modern Subject
  • Subversion and the Renaissance Ghost


"The Elizabethan Satiric Pamphlet: Subversion and the Netherworld Pamphlets or Greene, Nashe, and Riche," Genre (forthcoming 2010).

"Robert Greene's Martinist Transformation in 1590," Studies in Philology 103 (2006) 243-63.

"Patronage, Print, and an Early Modern 'Pamphlet Moment,'" Explorations in Renaissance Culture 31.1 (2005) 59-88.

"'Hereafter suppose me the said Roberto': Greene's Groatsworth of Wit as an Allegorizing Pamphlet," Yearly Review 10 (2001) 29-46.

"Loot and the New Farce," English 2 (1988) 33-42.


British literature Early modern Renaissance Shakespeare