Picture of Byung-Kook Ham

Byung-Kook Ham B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph. D.

Assistant Professor

Faculty Member in Biology

CSRB 220.9

Research Area(s)

  • Systemic signaling mechanism for integrating various plant developmental functions
  • Role for plasmodesmata in transport of plant materials within plants
  • Role of the plant vascular system in nutrient-stress signaling


Cell imaging Nutrient-stress signaling Phloem Plant physiology Plant vascular system Plasmodesmata Protein biochemistry RNA signaling Root system architecture Xylem

Our research interests involve the material transports through the plant vascular system within a whole plant body. Our works have been on investigating the molecular pathways of protein and RNA transports through the phloem translocation stream and has provided significant insights into the role played by the plant vascular system regarding the long-distance transport of information macromolecules.

We utilize functional genomics, cell biology, physiological, molecular biological, and protein chemistry approaches to validate the role of these systemic signals that function to integrate root and shoot growth, under control and nutrient-stress conditions.