Picture of Corinne Schuster-Wallace

Corinne Schuster-Wallace Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Faculty Member in Geography & Planning

Innovation Place 1029 - 11 Innovation Blvd S7N 3H5

Research Area(s)

  • Local Water Security for Health: Developing practical solutions and community-based tools for evidence-informed decision-making in rural, remote, and marginalised communities, particularly in low resources settings
  • Water, Disease, and Climate Change: Identifying and spatially analyzing burdens of disease associated with water-related diseases, understanding both social and physical dimensions affecting these patterns, and exploring climate change impacts.
  • Water and Sustainable Development: a macroscopic view of the water-health nexus demonstrates the need to account for the interconnectedness of water for life, nutrition, and livelihoods to ensure positive health and wellbeing.


Journal articles:

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Reports and other Outputs:

Report - Amir, T., Yantzi, R., de, Laat S., Bernard, C., Elit, L., Schuster-Wallace, C.J. & Redwood-Campbell, L. (June 2020). ”Dying alone is hard anywhere in the world”: Palliative care in natural disaster response. : Isis A. Harvey designer

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Teaching & Supervision

GEOG 364: Environment and Health


Climate change Coupled systems approaches Rural, remote, marginalised communities Water-health

Education & Training

B.Sc. (Hons.) Leicester University (Physical Geography)

Ph.D. Wilfrid Laurier University (Glacial Hydrometeorology)