Picture of Iain Phillips

Iain Phillips Ph.D.

Senior Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Ecologist

Adjunct Member in Biology

Research Area(s)

  • Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Ecology
  • Entomology
  • Biomonitoring


Selection of Publications (by Year)

  • Iain D. Phillips, Glen McMaster, Douglas P. Chivers, and Michelle F. Bowman. "Saskatchewan Condition Assessment of Lotic Ecosystems (SCALE): A multivariate tool for assessing the integrity of Northern Great Plains wadeable rivers and streams". FACETS 8 (2023): 1-31.
  • Bell, A.J., K.S. Calladine, D. Wardle, and I.D. Phillips. "Rapid colonization of the post-burn environment improves egg survival in pyrophilic ground beetles.". Ecosphere 13, 8 (2022): e4213.
  • Srayko, S.H., T.D. Jardine, I.D. Phillips, and D.P. Chivers. "Seasonal mass migration of water boatmen (Hemiptera: Corixidae) as a wetland-river linkage and dietary subsidy to riverine fish.". Ecosystems 25 (2022): 1571-1588.
  • Boyle, K.A., J.M. LaMontagne, I.D. Phillips, J.R. Milanovich, and J.S. Bystriansky. "Physiological adaptations of grey tiger salamander larvae (Ambystoma tigrinum) inhabiting saline wetlands.". Herpetological Conservation and Biology 16, 3 (2021): 704-714.
  • Aaron J Bell, K.S. Calladine, I.D. Phillips. "Distribution, abundance, and ecology of the threatened Gibson’s Big Sand Tiger Beetle (Cicindela formosa gibsoni Brown) in the Elbow Sand Hills of Saskatchewan.". Journal of Insect Conservation 23 (2019): 957-965.
  • Cavallaro, M.C., A.R. Main, K. Liber, I.D. Phillips. "Neonicotinoids and other agricultural stressors collectively modify emergent aquatic insect communities.". Chemosphere 226 (2019): 945-955.
  • M. Carr, L. Lin, A. Sadeghian, I.D. Phillips, K-E. Lindenschmidt. "Modelling the possible impacts of climate change on the thermal regime and macroinvertebrate community of a regulated prairie river.". Ecohydrology 12 (2019): e2102.
  • Mihalicz, J., T.D. Jardine, H. Baulch, I.D. Phillips. "Seasonal effects of a hydropeaking dam on a downstream benthic macroinvertebrate community". River Research and Applications 35, 6 (2019): 714-724.
  • Braun, D.P, I.D. Phillips, L. Nanayakkara, B. Wissel. "Diet characterization and a preliminary investigation into trophic niche placement for an endangered lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) population in the Saskatchewan River, SK, Canada.". PLoS One 13, 11 (2018): e0206313.
  • Prestie, K., , I.D. Phillips, D.P. Chivers, T.D. Jardine. "Effects of ontogeny and crayfish invasion on feeding ecology and mercury concentrations of predatory fishes.". Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 76, 11 (2018): 1929-1939.
  • Bell, A.J., I.D. Phillips, S.E. Nielsen, J.R Spence. "Species traits modify the species-area relationship in ground-beetle (Coleoptera: Carabidae) assemblages on islands in a boreal lake.". PLoS One 12, 12 (2017): e0190174.
  • Phillips, I.D., S.H. Srayko, K.S. Prestie, A.J. Bell, and D. Parker. "Range extension of the giant water bug species Belostoma flumineum Say 1832 (Hemiptera: Belostomatidae) to Saskatchewan, Canada.". Western North American Naturalist 77 (2017): 269-271.
  • I.D. Phillips, K.S. Prestie. "Evidence for substrate influence on artificial substrate invertebrate communities.". Environmental Entomology 46, 4 (2017): 926-930.


Education & Training

University of Regina - Bachelors of Science

University of Alberta - Masters of Science

University of Saskatchewan - Doctorate

Leibniz-IGB, Berlin - Post-Doctoral Fellow

Awards & Honours

  • NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship, awarded by National Sciences and Engineering Research Council June 2019-May 2021
  • Fish and Wildlife Development Fund Scholarship, awarded by Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment January 2016-January 2017
  • CABIN Biomonitoring, awarded by Environment and Climate Change Canada August 2015
  • Fish and Wildlife Development Fund Scholarship, awarded by Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment January 2014-January 2015
  • Malcolm Ramsey Award, awarded by University of Saskatchewan December 2013
  • Dr. Ken Stewart Memorial Scholarship, awarded by Fish Futures January 2013
  • Brooks Award, awarded by Entomological Society of Saskatchewan December 2012
  • Fish and Wildlife Development Fund Scholarship, awarded by Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment January 2011-January 2012
  • NSERC PGS-D, awarded by National Sciences and Engineering Research Council September 2010-August 2013