Picture of Jeff Hudson

Jeff Hudson B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Biology professor emeritus

CSRB 120.5

Research Area(s)

  • Examining the sensitivity of Lake Diefenbaker to nutrients under a changing climate
  • Examining the effect of ultraviolet radiation on food webs and the biogeochemisrty of C, N, and P in lakes. An adjacent study is investigating the effect of climate on the long-term carbon cycle in lakes
  • Examining the effect of climate change (drought) on Prairie lake ecosystems
  • Development of methods for the estimation of aquatic nutrients (e.g., P)
  • Factors (e.g., food web structure, temperature, stoichiometry, pH, and salinity) that affect the cycling efficiency of elements in food webs
  • Water quality and lake and reservoir management


Aquatic biogeochemistry Aquatic ecosystems Aquatic nutrients Climate change Elemental cycling Food webs Lakes and rivers Plankton Reservoirs Ultraviolet Radiation Water Water quality

Elemental cycling in aquatic ecosystems