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Jeffrey Steeves Ph.D.

Professor Emertius

Political Studies professor emeritus

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University of Saskatchewan Master Teacher Award 2007-2008

University of Saskatchewan Students' Union (USSU) Teaching Excellence Award 2006-2007

University of Saskatchewan, Colllege of Arts & Science Teaching Excellence Award 2001-2002.




co-authored, Elections in a Third World City, Port Moresby: University of Papua New Guinea Press, 1978.

co-authored, The Solomon Islands: An Experiment in Decentralization, Manoa: Centre for Asian and Pacific Studies, University of Hawaii,1985.

co-authored, Politics and Government in Vanuatu: From Colonial Unity to Post-Colonial Disunity,  North Queensland: James Cook University Press, 1989.

co-edited, Political Leadership and Representation in Canada,  Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2006.

authored, Democracy Challenged in the 2022 Presidential Succession in Kenya: The African Imperial President, Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars, 2023

Sample Articles:

J.S. Steeves. Devolution in Kenya: Derailed or on track? Commonwealth & Comparative Politics, Volume 53 Issue 4 (October 2015), 457-474.

J.S. Steeves. Democracy Unravelled in Kenya: Multi-Party Competition and Ethnic Targeting. African Identities, Volume 9 Number 4 (November 2011), 455-464.

J.S. Steeves. ‘Unbounded Politics’ and the Democratic Model in Solomon Islands: The 2010 National Elections. Commonwealth & Comparative Politics, Volume 49 Issue 3 (July 2011), 342-358.

J.S. Steeves. Canadian Development Assistance: The Value Framework and the Field Reality of an African Country. The Round Table        XCVI 391 (August 2007), 489-507.

J.S. Steeves. Presidential Succession in Kenya: the Transition from Moi to Kibaki, Commonwealth & Comparative Politics, XLIV 2 (July 2006), 211-233.

J.S. Steeves. Beyond Democratic Consolidation in Kenya: Ethnicity, Leadership and `Unbounded Politics', African Identities, IV 2 (October 2006), 195-211.

J.S. Steeves. The Political Evolution of Kenya: the 1997 Elections and Succession Politics. Commonwealth & Comparative Politics,  XXXVII 1 (March 1999), 71-94.

J.S. Steeves. Re-Democratization in Kenya: `Unbounded Politics' and the Political Trajectory Toward National Elections. Commonwealth & Comparative Politics, XXXV 3 (November 1997), 27-52.


Poverty Alleviation in the African context

Post-election violence in Kenya and ethnic conflict

2010 National Elections in Solomon Islands

Internally Displaced Persons and their Social Re-integration

2012 National Elections in Kenya

2011 Referendum in South Sudan