Picture of Longhai Li

Longhai Li Ph.D.


Faculty Member in Mathematics & Statistics

McLean Hall 219

Research Area(s)

  • Statistical Machine Learning
  • Model Diagnostics and Comparison
  • Statistical Methods for Bioinformatics
  • Statistical Methods for Medical Research

About me

Longhai Li is a professor at the University of Saskatchewan. He received his Ph.D. degree in statistics from the University of Toronto. Prior to that, Dr. Li received B.Sc honours in statistics from the University of Science and Technology of China. His research activities focus on developing and applying statistical learning methods for high-throughput data and complex-structured data.  For more information about Dr. Li, click his website on Github.


Teaching & Supervision

  • I have taught a wide range of statistics courses at the U of S, including STAT 241, STAT 242, STAT 244, STAT 245, STAT 342, STAT 345, STAT 348, STAT 442, STAT 443, STAT 812, STAT 841, STAT 848, STAT 851, STAT 420 (undergrad topic course), STAT 846 (graduate topic course). 
  • The students that I have worked with can be found on this page.


brain disorder disease microbiome data model diagnostics statistical machine learning