Picture of Maxym Chaban

Maxym Chaban Ph.D., 2006 (Victoria)

Associate Professor

Faculty Member in Economics

Arts 814

Research Area(s)

  • International Finance
  • Applied Econometrics
  • Exchange rates


Chaban, M., and G.M. Voss (2016) "Is Canada an optimal currency area? An inflation targeting perspective." Canadian Journal of Economics, 49, 738-771.

Chaban, M., (2011) "Home bias, distribution services and determinants of real exchange rates." Journal of Macroeconomics 33, 793-806.                         

Chaban, M., (2010) "Cointegration analysis with structural breaks and deterministic trends: An application to the Canadian dollar."  Applied Economics 42, 3023-3037.

Chaban, M., (2009) "Commodity currencies and equity flows."  Journal of International Money and Finance 28, 836-852.

Chaban, M., (2006) "Real variables and the real exchange rate: The importance of traded goods in the transmission mechanism."  Economics Bulletin, Vol. 6, No. 1 pp. 1−7.


commodity prices econometrics exchange rates international finance

International Finance, Applied Econometrics