Picture of Sam Rezazadeh

Sam Rezazadeh TESOL, M.A. / English, M.A./ Law, J.D. Candidate


Sessional Lecturer in College of Arts and Science

Thorvaldson 119

Research Area(s)

  • Digital Humanities
  • Media and Communication
  • International Relations Studies
  • International Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Public and Constitutional Law

Teaching & Supervision

Jan 2021            University Lecturer, Dept. of Linguistics, LING 250: World Englishes 

Jan 2020            University Lecturer, Dept. of Linguistics, LING 248: Second Langauge Acquisition 

Jan 2019            University Lecturer, Dept. of Linguistics, LING 348: Principles of Material Design 

                            for ESL. 

Sept 2018.          Teaching Assistant, Dept. of English, ENG110: Literature and Composition


Sept. 2016         Instructor, Activity Attendant, Language Centre, University of Saskatchewan
- Present            Planning and executing speaking and listening skills activities for international
                            ESL students 


Sept. 2017        Peer Assisted Mentor, Student Learning Services, University of Saskatchewan
- Present           Planning study sessions and workshops, Holding graduate level study helps,
                           Communicating between departments to facilitate student learning services


January 2016    English Instructor, East College Park Community,
                          ESL curriculum design, Teaching English to refugees and newcomers to Canada


Sept. 2016        Student Assistant, Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan
April 2017         Grading students’ final exams and term papers, Assisting professors in their daily
                            classroom activities


Dec  2020      Research Assistant, College of Law, University of Saskatchewan

                      Access to Justice research projects. Supervisor: Prof. Sarah Buhler

January 2018      Research Assistant, Dept. of English, University of Saskatchewan

                              Transcriber at the Canterbury Tales Project (Textual Communities)

                              Transcribing middle English literary texts into an online archive


March 2017        Prairies Workshop on Language and Linguistics IV, Saskatoon, SK


                              Rezazadeh, S., Haghighi, N., (2017) English Use among International Iranian
                              Students at the University of Saskatchewan. 
Seminar presentation


                              Rezazadeh, S., (2017) Attitudes: The usage, maintenance, and dissemination of
                              regional dialects in neighborhoods of Boushehr 
. Seminar presentation


January 2015     The Second International Conference of Languages and Dialects of Iran

                             Nemati, F., Rezazadeh, S., (2015) Attitudes towards the Usage and Maintenance
                             of Regional Dialects in Bushehr
. Seminar presentation.

Education & Training

Sept 2020.        JD in Law - Class of 2023

                         College of Law

                         University of Saskatchewan

Sept 2020.          M.A. in English

                              Department of English

                              University of Saskatchewan

                              Research: Media studies – The Influence of Social Media in Modern Politics

                              Graduate Chair: Professor Banco


April 2018           M.A. in Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)   

                               Final GPA 87%

                               Department of Linguistics
                               University of Saskatchewan

                               Graduate Chair: Professor Jesse Stewarts, PhD


July 2016              B.A. in English language and Literature

                               Final GPA 92%

                               Department of English

                               Persian Gulf University, Bushehr, Iran


February 2016    Certificate in Documentation of Endangered Languages

                              Carlton University, Goethe University, Persian Gulf University

Awards & Honours

  • Government of Saskatchewan Student Award, awarded by Gov. of Saskatchewan January 2020
  • Graduate Teaching Fellowship, awarded by University of Saskatchewan September 2018
  • ESL Bursary for Graduate Level Writing, awarded by University of Saskatchewan January 2018
  • Dept. of Linguistics Award, awarded by University of Saskatchewan January 2018
  • Graduate Students Association Summer Bursary, awarded by University of Saskatchewan July 2017
  • Research Scholarship, awarded by University of Saskatchewan January 2017
  • Entrance Award - Dept. of Linguistics, awarded by University of Saskatchewan September 2016
  • Tuition Fees Exemption based on GPA, awarded by Persian Gulf University IRN September 2011-June 2016