Picture of Tammy Marche

Tammy Marche Ph.D

Faculty Member in Psychology and Health Studies
STM Faculty Member in Psychology and Health Studies

St. Thomas More 331

Research Area(s)

  • Cognitive Development
  • Memory Development across the Lifespan
  • Memory Accuracy (Forgetting) and Memory Distortion (False Memory, Suggestibility)
  • Psychology and Law (Eyewitness memory)
  • Memory and Health (Children's Memory for Pain)
  • Memory and Education (Improving Children's Memory and Academic Performance)

About me

 Sample publications

Marche, T.A., Howe, M.L., Lane, D.G., Owre, K.P., & Briere, J.L. (2009, in press). Cognitive triage in adult recall. Memory.

Rocha, E.M., Marche ,T.A., & von Baeyer, C.L. (2009, in press). Anxiety influences children's memory for procedural pain. Pain Research & Management
Torrens, D., Marche, T.A., & Thompson, V. (2008). Depressive symptoms and negatively-based false memories. Saarbrücken: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KG 
Rocha, E.M., Marche, T.A., & von Baeyer, C.L. (2007). “OUCH” Children’s memory for pain: Implications for clinical care. Mental Notes, 12-13.
Loehr, J., & Marche, T. A. (2006). Omitting details from post-event information: Are true and false memory affected in the same way? Memory, 14, 17-26. 
Marche, T. A., Brainerd, C. J., Lane, D. G., & Leohr, J. D. (2005). Item-level directed forgetting diminished false-memory. Memory, 13, 749 -758.
von Baeyer, C. L., Marche, T. A., Rocha, E. M., & Salmon, K. (2004). Children’s memory for pain: Overview and implications for practice. Journal of Pain, 5(5), 241-249.
von Baeyer, C. L., Marche, T. A., Rocha, E. M., Salmon, K., Teisseyre, L., Wood-Pillette, C. (2004). Memoire et douleur chez l’enfant. Douleurs, 5(3), 133-142.  


Motor Processes, Memory & Attention cognitive development education health memory psychology

Memory development across the lifespan; eyewitness memory; individual differences; suggestibility; the misinformation effect; false memories; psychology and law; children's memory for pain; forgetting pain