The following list shows the courses from other colleges which credit automatically towards an Arts & Science program. The regulations which apply to this credit are as follows:

  1. College policy states that any courses from another college listed for credit in an Arts and Science program and courses offered by other colleges that are designated as equivalent to Arts and Science courses will credit automatically to any Arts and Science degree.
  2. Students who began their Arts and Science program before the 1999-2000 academic year have the option to decline credit for all courses from another college listed for credit in an Arts and Science program. Students may not decline credit for courses offered by other colleges that are designated as equivalent to Arts and Science courses regardless of the year of enrolment.
  3. Prior to May, 2005 students were permitted to choose a maximum of 6 credit units from other colleges in addition to the courses from other colleges which credit automatically. Arts and Science students who began their programs prior to May, 2005 may still use this option. This includes students who have transferred to Arts and Science from another college. Students who began their program May, 2005 or later may only choose courses from the automatic transfer list.
  4. Students in Second Degree programs, as described in the Calendar, may use the courses listed to meet the requirements for the Arts and Science degree. For example, an Engineering graduate who is completing a B.Sc. Three-year degree may use the Commerce courses listed below to satisfy elective requirements for a minimum of 30 additional credit units in Arts and Science.
  5. Only Arts and Science courses (or their equivalents such as MATH 124.3) may be used for Requirements 1 to 5 of the Distribution Requirements, with the exception of statistics which may only be used as electives. Course equivalents are shown in square brackets[ ]. Other courses listed below can be used in Requirement 6 (Major) if approved by the department. All other courses will be used only in Requirement 7 as electives.

Credited Courses

Courses from other colleges or taught for other colleges, which credit automatically as Arts & Science courses

ACB 105.3

Introduction to Human Anatomy (elective only)

ACB 215.6

Basic and App. Human Anatomy [= ACB 210.3, + Senior ACB .3]

ACB 221.3

Gross Anatomy (may only be used as an elective)

ACB 232.6

Cell Biology and Histology [=BMSC 220.3, (ACB 200.3) + Senior ACB .3]

ACB 233.3

Embryology and Gross Anatomy [=ACB 210.3]

ACB 235.9

Gross Anat. and Embryology [=ACB 210.3, + Senior ACB .3, (6 credit units only will transfer)]

ACB 334.3

Introductory Neuroanatomy (formerly ACB 234.3; now NEUR 334.3)

ACB 405.3

Current Topics in Cell Biology (now CPPS 405.3)

AGRC 111.3

Agricultural Science I

AGRC 112.3

Agricultural Science II

AGRC 492.3

Term Paper and Technical Writing

ANBI 420.3

Comparative Animal Endocrinology

ANBI 470.3

Applied Animal Biotechnology (formerly ANSC 470.3)

ANBI 475.3

Field Studies in Arctic Ecosystems and Aboriginal Peoples

ANSC 313.3

Animal Breeding and Genetics

ANSC 470.3

Applied Animal Biotechnology (now ANBI 470.3)



AREC 230.3

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness (formerly BPBE 230.3)

AREC 292.3

Economics of Biotechnology (formerly BPBE 292.3)

AREC 238.3

Land Resource Economics (formerly AREC 330.3BPBE 330.3)

AREC 330.3

Land Resource Economics (now AREC 238.3; formerly BPBE 330.3)

AREC 395.3

Creative Thinking and the Entrepreneurial Process (formerly (BPBE 395.3)

AREC 430.3

Natural Resource Economics (formerly BPBE 430.3)

AREC 432.3

Rural Development: Theory Policy and Case Studies (formerly BPBE 432.3)

AREC 433.3

Methods of Rural Analysis: Theory and Application (formerly BPBE 433.3)

AREC 495.3

Agribusiness Venture Management (formerly BPBE 495.3)

BIOC 213.8

Medical Biochemistry [=BIOC 200.3, + BIOC 211.3, + Senior BIOC .3]

BIOL 102.1

Nature for Engineering (Students with credit for all four of BIOL 102, CHEM 142, GEOL 102 and PHYS 152 will receive 3 credit units of elective credit in Arts & Science B.A.&Sc. B.Sc. or B.Sc. (BMSC) programs and 3 credit units of Science or Elective credit in B.A., B.F.A., or B.Mus. programs. Students who do not pass all 4 courses will receive no credit in Arts & Science programs.)

BLE 303.3

Principles of Food and Feed Processing Equipment (formerly ABE 303.3)

BLE 309.3

Water Management (formerly ABE 309.3)

BLE 432.3

Soil and Water Conservation (formerly ABE 432.3) (now ENVE 432.3)

BLE 481.3

Sustainability and Environment Assessment (formerly ABE 481.3) (now ENVE 481.3)

BMSC 207.3

Human Body Systems I

BMSC 208.3

Human Body Systems II (formerly PHSI 208.6, or HSC 208.6)

BPBE 230.3

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Agribusiness (formerly AGEC 230.3) (now AREC 230.3)

BPBE 292.3

Economics of Biotechnology (formerly AGEC 292.3) (now AREC 292.3)

BPBE 330.3

Land Resource Economics (formerly AGEC 330.3) (now AREC 330.3)

BPBE 395.3

Creative Thinking and the Entrepreneurial Process (now AREC 395.3)

BPBE 430.3

Natural Resource Economics (now AREC 430.3)

BPBE 432.3

Rural Development: Theory Policy and Case Studies (formerly AGEC 432.3) (now AREC 432.3)

BPBE 433.3

Methods of Rural Analysis: Theory and Application (formerly AGEC 433.3) (now AREC 433.3)

BPBE 495.3

Agribusiness Venture Management [= COMM 447 or ENT 310] (now AREC 495.3)

BSCM 100.3

Business Communication (now COMM 100.3)

CE 171.2

Spring Surveying Camp (formerly CE 271.2)

CE 316.3


CE 329.3

Transportation Engineering (formerly CE 227.3)

CE 467.3

Transportation and Regional Development

CHE 220.3

Intro to Process Engineering (formerly 277)

CHE 223.3

Chemical Thermodynamics

CHE 461.3

Introduction to Biochemical Engineering

CHE 477.3

Applications of Numerical Methods [=MATH 315.3]

CHEM 114.3

General Chemistry for Engineers [= CHEM 111.3, or 112.3]

CHEM 142.1

Global Impact of Chemistry for Engineering (Students with credit for all four of BIOL 102, CHEM 142, GEOL 102 and PHYS 152 will receive 3 credit units of elective credit in Arts & Science B.A.&Sc. B.Sc. or B.Sc. (BMSC) programs and 3 credit units of Science or Elective credit in B.A., B.F.A., or B.Mus. programs. Students who do not pass all 4 courses will receive no credit in Arts & Science programs.)

CHEP 350.3

Introduction to Epidemiology (formerly BMSC 350.3)

CHEP 402.3

Global Health and Local Communities: Issues and Approaches

CHEP 412.3

Global Health: Selected Issues in Nicaragua

CME 331.3

Microprocessor Based Embedded Systems (formerly EE 331.3) [= CMPT 215.3]

CME 332.3

Real Time Computing (formerly EE 332)

CME 334.3

Transport Networks (formerly CME 451.3)

CME 341.3

Logic Design Using FPGAs (formerly EE 431)

CME 342.3

VLSI Circuit Design (formerly EE 451and 489 and EE 432)

CME 433.3

Digital Systems Architecture

CME 435.3

Verification of Digital Systems

CME 451.3

Transport Networks (now CME 334.3)

CME 462.3

Multimedia Signals and Systems

CMPT 116.3

Computing I (formerly 122) [=CMPT 111.3]

CMPT 117.3

Computing II (formerly 123) [=CMPT 115.3]

COMM 100.3

Business Communication (formerly BSCM 100.3)

COMM 101.3

Decision Making I

COMM 102.3

Introduction to Business Management (formerly MGT 103)

COMM 104.3

Business Statistics I (formerly QUANT 194) [=half ECON 204.6]

COMM 105.3

Introduction to Organizational Behaviour (formerly COMM 202, HRM 243)

COMM 201.3

Introduction to Financial Accounting (formerly ACC 120). (Students may receive credit for only one of COMM 201.3 or ENT 230.3)

COMM 202.3

No longer offered see COMM 105

COMM 203.3

Introduction to Finance (formerly FIN 260) (Students may receive credit for only one of COMM 203.3 or ENT 300.3)

COMM 204.3

Intro to Marketing (formerly MKT 251) (students may receive credit for only one of COMM 200.3, COMM 204.3 or ENT 210.3)

COMM 205.3

Employment and Industrial Relations (formerly INDR 281.3; now COMM 381.3)

COMM 206.3

Employment and Industrial Relations (now COMM 381.3)

COMM 207.3

Business Statistics II (formerly QUANT 295) [=half ECON 204.6]

COMM 208.3

Introduction to Business Law (formerly BUSLW 111) see COMM 304.3

COMM 210.3

Introduction to Management Accounting (formerly COMM 301.3, and 302.3)

COMM 211.3

Human Resource Management (only one of COMM 211.3, ENT 220 or COMM 386 may be taken for credit)

COMM 301.3

Management Accounting for Managers (formerly ACC 230) see COMM 210.3

COMM 302.3

Introduction to Management Accounting Only one of COMM 301.3. or 302.3, or 210.3, may be taken for credit, see COMM 210.3

COMM 304.3

Introduction to Business Law (formerly COMM 208.3)

COMM 306.3

Business Decision Making II

COMM 340.3

Introduction to International Business (formerly MGT 340)

COMM 342.3

Organization Structure and Design (formerly HRM 342.3, OB 342.3)

COMM 345.3

Business and Public Policy (formerly MGT 345)

COMM 346.3

Commercialization of Biotechnology

COMM 348.3

Leadership (formerly HRM 344)

COMM 349.3

Introduction to Entrepreneurship [= AREC 230.3; formerly BPBE 230]

COMM 352.3

Marketing Strategy

COMM 354.3

Consumer Behaviour (formerly MKT 354.3, MGT 354.3)

COMM 357.3

Marketing Research

COMM 366.3

International Business Finance (now COMM 466.3)

COMM 381.3

Industrial Relations (formerly COMM 206.3)

COMM 382.3

Employment Law

COMM 385.3

Training and Development

COMM 386.3

Human Resource Management (now COMM 211 or ENT 220)

COMM 393.3

Spreadsheet Modelling for Business Decisions (formerly QUANT 393.3) [=CMPT 393.3]

COMM 417.3

International Accounting (no longer offered formerly ACC 417)

COMM 466.3

International Business Finance (formerly COMM 366.3 or FIN 366.3)

COMM 447.3

Entrepreneurship & Venture Development [= BPBE 495 or ENT 310]

COMM 456.3

International Marketing (formerly MKT 456)

COMM 485.3

International and Comparative Employment Relations Systems (formerly INDRL 485)

CPPS 221.3

Gross Anatomy (formerly ACB 221.3)

CPPS 304.3

Intro to Pharmacology (formerly PHPY 304)

CPPS 306.3

Systems Pharmacology I (formerly PHPY 305)

CPPS 307.3

Systems Pharmacology II (formerly PHPY 305)

CPPS 337.3

Experimental Design and the Health Care System (formerly PHPY 402.3)

CPPS 405.3

Current Topics in Cellular Physiological and Pharmacological Sciences (formerly ACB 405.3)

CPPS 417.3

The Business of Health Care

CPPS 432.6

Undergraduate Research Project in Cellular Physiological and Pharmacological Sciences (formerly ACB 401.6, or PHPY 432.6)

CTST 200.3

Introduction to Catholicism

EE 201.3

Electric and Magnetic Circuits [= EP 229.3, (formerly PHYS 229.3)]

EE 202.3

Electrical and Magnetic Circuits [= EP 229.3/EE 201.3, (now EP 202.3)]

EE 221.3

Analog Electronics

EE 232.3

Digital Electronics (formerly 220 and 310) [=CMPT 320.3]

EE 301.3

Electricity Magnetism and Fields [= Senior PHYS .3]

EE 321.3

Advanced Analog Electronics and Instrumentation (formerly EP 313.3)

EE 326.3

Applied Mathematics (no longer offered can be used as linear algebra course in Computer Science PDSC program)

EE 472.3

Optoelectronics and Photonics (formerly EP 431.3)

EFDT 482.3

Women and Education

EFDT 483.3

Women and the Teaching Profession

EFDT 486.3

Gay and Lesbian Issues in Education

EMUS 238.3

Classroom Instruments (formerly EMUS 338.3)

EMUS 303.3

Methods in Elementary and Middle Years Music

EMUS 331.3

Methods in Elementary Music: Introduction

EMUS 332.3

Methods in Elementary Music: Advanced

EMUS 337.3

Jazz Pedagogy

EMUS 338.3

Classroom Instruments

EMUS 340.3

Methods in Secondary Instrumental Music

EMUS 342.3

Philosophical Basis of Music Education

EMUS 428.3

Choral Techniques

EMUS 435.6

Advanced Instrumental Conducting

EMUS 438.3

Methods in Secondary Choral Music

ENT 210.3

Marketing for Entrepreneurial Ventures (Students may only receive credit for one of ENT 210.3, or COMM 204.3)

ENT 220.3

Human Resource Management for Entrepreneurial Organizations (only one of ENT 220.3 or COMM 211.3 may be taken for credit)

ENT 230.3

Introduction to Accounting for Entrepreneurs (Students may only receive credit for one of ENT 230.3 or COMM 201.3)

ENT 300.3

Introduction to Entrepreneurial Finance (Students may only receive credit for one of ENT 300.3 or COMM 203.3)

ENT 310.3

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

ENVE 381.3

Sustainability and Environmental Assessment

ENVE 432.3

Soil and Water Conservation (formerly BLE 432.3)

ENVE 481.3

Sustainability and Environmental Assessment (formerly BLE 481.3) (now ENVE 381.3)

ENVS 201.3

Foundations of Sustainability

ENVS 401.3

Environment and Sustainability

EP 155.3

See PHYS 155.3

EP 202.3

Electric and Magnetic Fields and Circuits (formerly EE 202.3)

EP 214.3

Analog Signals and Systems (formerly EE 214)

EP 225.3

Waves Fields and Optics (no longer offered = EP 325.3)

EP 228.3

Computer Tools for Engineering Physics [=Senior PHYS .3]

EP 229.3

Introductory Electromagnetism and AC Circuits (no longer offered) = EE 201.3/EE 202.3 (formerly PHYS 229.3)

EP 253.1

Modern Physics Laboratory I (formerly PHYS 253)

EP 271.3

Heat Kinetic Theory and Thermodynamics (now EP 370.3)

EP 311.3

Electronics 1

EP 313.3

Advanced Analog Electronics and Instrumentation (now EE 321.3)

EP 315.3

Modern Physics I (no longer offered) [= PHYS 251.3 which is no longer offered] = PHYS 252.3/EP 253.1

EP 317.3

Applied Physics of Materials

EP 320.3

Discrete Linear Systems and Applied Information Theory

EP 321.3

Electronics II (now CMPT 320 formerly CMPT 220)

EP 324.3

Mechanics IV

EP 325.3

Modern Physics II (no longer offered) [= PHYS 381.3]

EP 325.3

Optical Systems Design (course number re-assigned 2013-14 with new title) (formerly EP 225.3)

EP 353.2

Modern Physics Laboratory II (formerly PHYS 353)

EP 354.2

Modern Physics Laboratory III (formerly PHYS 354)

EP 356.3

Electric and Magnetic Field Theory (no longer offered) [=PHYS 356.3]

EP 370.3

Kinetics and Thermodynamics (formerly EP 271.3)

EP 413.3

Instrumentation and Design

EP 414.3

Instrumentation Laboratory

EP 417.3

Advanced Materials Science with Applications

EP 421.3

Optical Systems and Materials I

EP 431.3

Optical Systems and Materials II (now EE 472.3)

EP 464.3

Advanced Applied Electromagnetism

EPSE 441.3

Introductory Statistics in Education (formerly EDPSY 441.3) [=STATS 244.3]

EVSC 110.3

Renewable Resources and Environment

EVSC 203.3

Sampling and Laboratory Analysis (formerly EVSC 303.3)

EVSC 210.3

Environmental Physics (formerly AGRC 210.3)

EVSC 220.3

Environmental Soil Science (formerly SLSC 240.3, 102, 112)

EVSC 420.3

Environmental Fate and Transport of Toxic Substances (formerly SLSC 420.3)

EVSC 421.3

Soil Toxicology and Risk Assessment

EVSC 430.3

Agroforestry for Environmental Management

EXT 305.3

Developing Effective Extension Programs

EXT 405.3

Advanced Extension Techniques and Methods

FABS 110.3

Dimensions of Food Science (formerly FABS 210.3)

FABS 210.3

Dimensions of Food Science (formerly FDSC 210.3)

FABS 211.3

Introductory Bioproduct Science

FABS 212.3

Agrifood and Resources Microbiology (formerly APMC 212.3) [=MICRO 214.3]

FABS 222.3

Improving Food Security through Food Science and Technology

FABS 315.3

Food Chemistry (formerly FDSC 415.3, FAMS 415.3)

FABS 317.3

Food and Bioproducts Analysis (formerly FABS 417.3; FDSC 417.3)

FABS 323.3

Food Additives and Toxicants (formerly FDSC 323.3)

FABS 325.3

Food Microbiology and Safety (formerly APMC 425.3, FAMS 425.3)

FABS 334.3

Industrial Microbiology (formerly APMC 434.3, FAMS 434.3)

FABS 345.3

Unit Operations in Food Processing (formerly FDSC 345.3)

FABS 360.3

Water Microbiology and Safety

FABS 362.3

Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals

FABS 366.3

Physicochemical Properties of Food Macromolecules

FABS 371.3

Food Biotechnology (formerly FAMS 271.3)

FABS 401.3

Dairy Science and Technology

FABS 411.3

Lipid Science and Technology

FABS 412.3

Fluid Food Products (formerly FDSC 412.3)

FABS 430.3

Environmental Microbiology (formerly APMC 430.3)

FABS 433.3

Microbial Insecticides (formerly APMC 433.3)

FABS 435.3

Microbiological Techniques (formerly APMC 435.3)

FABS 436.3

Biofuels Production

FABS 437.3

Industrial Microbiology II (formerly APMC 437.3)

FABS 450.3

Anaerobic and Rumen Microbiology (formerly APMC 450.3)

FABS 452.3

Quality Assurance and HACCP (formerly FDSC 452.3)

FABS 457.3

Meat Science and Technology (formerly FDSC 457.3)

FABS 460.3

Protein Science and Technology

FABS 474.3

Food Enzymology

FABS 486.3

Sensory Evaluation of Food

FABS 490.0

Honours Seminar (formerly FDSC 490.0)

FABS 491.3

Research Project (formerly FDSC 491.3)

FABS 492.3

Literature Thesis (formerly FAMS 492.3)

FABS 493.3

Product Development

FABS 494.6

Research Thesis

FIAR 100.6

Introduction to Fine Arts (no longer offered)

GE 210.3

Probability and Statistics [STATS 245.3]

GE 212.3

Electric and Magnetic Circuits I (no longer offered) [Senior PHYS .3]

GE 226.3

Mechanics III (now ME 226.3)

GE 401.3

Refer to RCM 401.3

GE 449.3

Engineering in Society

GEOE 218.3

Engineering Geology

GEOE 315.3

Rock Mechanics

GEOE 334.3

Gravity, Magnetics and Radiation Methods (now GEOL 334.3, formerly GEOE 333.6)

GEOE 335.3

Seismology, Radar and Electrical Methods (now GEOL 335.3, formerly GEOE 333.6)

GEOE 375.3

Advanced Hydrogeology (formerly GEOE 475.3)

GEOE 377.3

Fundamentals of Mining and Mineral Processing

GEOE 378.3

Engineering Geological Mapping

GEOE 379.2

Geological Mapping (no longer offered)

GEOE 411.3

Well-Logging (now GEOL 411.3, formerly GEOE 488.3)

GEOE 475.3

Advanced Hydrogeology (now GEOE 375.3)

MICR 316.3

Microbiology (no longer offered)

NEUR 301.3

Fundamental Neuroscience Intercellular Communication (formerly PHPY 301.3)

NEUR 334.3

Introductory Neuroanatomy (formerly ACB 234.3, or 334.3)

NEUR 350.3

Fundamental Neuroscience

GEOL 102.1

Introduction to Geology for Engineering (Students with credit for all four of BIOL 102, CHEM 142, GEOL 102, and PHYS 152 will receive 3 credit units of elective credit in Arts & Science B.A.&Sc., B.Sc. or B.Sc. (BMSC) programs and 3 credit units of Science or Elective credit in B.A., B.F.A., or B.Mus. programs. Students who do not pass all 4 courses will receive no credit in Arts & Science programs.)

HSC 350.3

Fundamental Neuroscience (now NEUR 350.3)

KIN 121.3

Functional Basis of Physical Activity

KIN 122.3

Social Behavioural Foundations of Physical Activity

KIN 222.3

Biochmechanics I

KIN 225.3

Introductory Exercise Physiology I (formerly 220, 325)

KIN 226.3

Introductory Exercise Physiology II

KIN 255.3

Program Planning and Design for Leisure and Sport

KIN 355.3

Program Management and Implementation for Leisure and Sport (no longer offered)

KIN 422.3

Motor Control of Neurological Conditions

KIN 425.3

Physiology of Exercise

KIN 428.3

Nutrition Drugs and Physical Activity

KIN 442.3

Biomechanics II

LAW 340.3

Administrative Law I
The College of Arts & Science will use up to the first 18 credit units of eligible LAW courses successfully completed to fulfill elective credit in the Arts & Science degree, and the grades from these courses will be used in the calculation of the Arts & Science average.

MATH 100.6

Mathematics for Education Students

MATH 115.3

Calculus for Pharmacy [= MATH 125.3]

MATH 121.3

Mathematical Analysis for Business and Economics

MATH 123.3

Calculus I for Engineers [=MATH 110.3]

MATH 124.3

Calculus II for Engineers [= MATH 112.3, or 116.3]

MATH 223.3

Calculus III for Engineers [MATH 225.3]

MATH 224.3

Calculus IV for Engineers [MATH 226.3]

MCIM 223.3

Principles of Microbiology and Immunology for Nursing [=BMSC 210.3]

MCIM 224.3

Microbiology for Pharmacists and Nutritionists [=BMSC 210.3]

ME 226.3

Mechanics III (formerly GE 226.3)

MEAG 421.3

Principles of Food and Feed Processing Equipment (no longer offered)

MED 201.4

Pharmacology (formerly PCOL 301.6)(formerly HSC 350.3)

NEUR 404.3

Neurophysiology and Neuropharmacology (formerly PHPY 404.3)

NURS 390.3

Biostatistics (no longer offered) [=STATS 244.3]

NURS 410.3

History of Health Systems Public Health and Nursing in Canada

NUTR 120.3

Basic Nutrition

NUTR 220.3

Advanced Nutrition (no longer offered)

NUTR 221.3

Advanced Nutrition Micronutrients

NUTR 305.3

Research Methods

NUTR 310.3

Food Culture and Human Nutrition

NUTR 321.3

Advanced Nutrition Macronutrients and Energy

NUTR 322.3

Nutrition Throughout Lifespan

PATH 205.3

Survey of Pathology

PCOL 301.6

See MED 201.4

PCOL 350.6

General Pharmacology (= PHPY 304.3, 305.3)

PCOL 432.6

Selected Topics

PHPY 301.3

Fundamental Neuroscience Intercellular Communication (now NEUR 301.3)

PHPY 304.3

Intro to Pharmacology (now CPPS 304.3)

PHPY 305.3

Systems Pharmacology I (now CPPS 306.3, or CPPS 307.3)

PHPY 402.3

Therapeutics Herbal Compounds and Evidence Based Medicine (now CPPS 337.3)

PHPY 404.3

Advances in Neurophysiology and Neuropharmacology (now NEUR 404.3)

PHPY 432.6

Research Project in Physiology and Pharmacology (now CPPS 432.6)

PHSI 202.9

Physiology [= H SC 208.6, (formerly PHSIO 212.6) + Senior PHSIO .3]

PHSI 208.6

Human Body Systems (formerly H SC 208.6) (now BMSC 207.3, + BMSC 208.3)

PHSI 347.3

Respiratory Physiology

PHYS 152.1

Intro to Atoms and Nuclei for Engineering (Students with credit for all four of BIOL 102, CHEM 142, GEOL 102, and PHYS 152 will receive 3 credit units of elective credit in Arts & Science B.A.&Sc., B.Sc. or B.Sc. (BMSC) programs and 3 credit units of Science or Elective credit in B.A., B.F.A., or B.Mus. programs. Students who do not pass all 4 courses will receive no credit in Arts & Science programs.)

PHYS 155.3

Intro to Electricity and Magnetism (formerly EP 155.3) [=half PHYS 121.6]

PLSC 213.3

Principles of Plant Ecology (formerly PLEC 213)

PLSC 214.3

Statistical Methods (formerly PLSC 314.3)

PLSC 235.3

Urban Food Production

PLSC 240.3

Plant Metabolism (formerly BIOC 220.3; now PLSC 317.3)

PLSC 301.3

Principles of Agronomy (no longer offered, formerly CRSC 301)

PLSC 311.3

General Apiculture

PLSC 314.3

Statistical Methods (formerly CR SC 214 or 314) [=STATS 245.3] (now PLSC 214.3)

PLSC 317.3

Plant Metabolism (formerly BIOC 220.3; PLSC 240.3)

PLSC 345.3

Pesticides and Crop Protection (formerly CR SC 345)

PLSC 405.3

Genetics of Plant Populations (formerly CR SC 350, 305, 405)

PLSC 411.3

Plant Breeding (formerly CR SC 411)

PLSC 412.3

Physiological Plant Ecology (no longer offered, formerly PLEC 412)

PLSC 416.3

Applied Plant Biotechnology (formerly CRSC 416)

PLSC 417.3

Crop Physiology (formerly CR SC 417)

PLSC 420.3

Grain Chemistry and Technology (formerly CR SC 420)

PLSC 422.3

Rangeland Ecology and Management

PLSC 423.3

Landscape Ecology and Vegetation Management (formerly PLEC 432)

PLSC 425.3

Forest Ecology

PLSC 432.3

Conservation of Plant Genetic Diversity (no longer offered)

PLSC 461.3

Post-Harvest Management of Horticultural Crops (formerly HORT 461)

PLSC 475.3

Insect Ecology

RCM 400.3

Rhetorical Theory and Practice of Persuasion

RCM 401.3

Oral Rhetoric: Theory and Practice (formerly GE 401.3)

RCM 402.3

Interpersonal Communication and Rhetoric

RCM 404.3

Leadership as Communication

RRM 114.3

Introductory Resource Economics and Policy (formerly RRM 212.3)

RRM 312.3

Natural Resource Management and Indigenous Peoples

SLSC 232.3

Soil Genesis and Classification (formerly SLSC 332.3)

SLSC 240.3

Agricultural Soil Science (See EVSC 220.3)

SLSC 312.3

Soil Fertility and Fertilizers

SLSC 313.3

Environmental Soil Chemistry

SLSC 322.3

Applied Soil Physics

SLSC 332.3

Soil Genesis and Classification (now SLSC 232.3)

SLSC 343.3

Soil Microbiology (no longer offered)

SLSC 344.3

Soil Ecology (now SLSC 444.3)

SLSC 412.3

Integration and Application of Soil Science

SLSC 420.3


SLSC 444.3

Soil Ecology (Formerly SLSC 344.3)

SLSC 460.3

Forest Soils

SLSC 470.3

Evaluation of Land Resources (no longer offered)

VBMS 300.3

General Principles of Toxicology (now TOX 300.3)

VBMS 425.3

Introduction to Toxicology

VBMS 428.3

Gastrointestinal Physiology