Continuing, Entering and Indigenous Students

The University of Saskatchewan offers an array of undergraduate scholarships and bursaries for both returning and new, first-year students. There are also many awards that are specifically tailored to our many Indigenous students. To search these opportunities, please use the links to the right. 

Please note that scholarships are awards given to recognize the high level of excellence students have achieved in their studies. Bursaries are allocated mainly on the basis of financial need.

Arts and Science Undergraduate Travel Fund Competitions

The purpose of the Undergraduate Travel Fund Competitions is to assist students, either as individuals or groups, with travel expenses associated with academically relevant experiences. 

The Terms for these awards are as follows: 

  1. Only undergraduate students registered in the College of Arts & Science are eligible to apply for this funding.
  2. Students will only receive funding for travel occurring within 4 months of the application deadline within that calendar year.
  3. While applications may be approved in advance of a student’s travel, funding for these awards will be distributed retroactively, and only upon receiving the relevant documentation of travel expenses.
  4. Travel events and activities should enhance academic development that is not tied to specific course credit.
  5. Exchange and study abroad programs, expenses for academic courses, and subsidization of research programs are not eligible for funding through this competition.
  6. Students seeking financial support for non-academic travel (eg: teams, clubs, or intervarsity group travel) are not eligible for funding through this competition.

Please note the typical amount awarded for these travel awards is $250.00 per student. Please also note that if you are applying for funding for international travel, you must submit your application with the following additional form 60 days prior to travel. This form applies to international travelers only.

Please ensure that you have completed all sections of the application as incomplete applications will not be considered by the Undergraduate Travel Fund Competition Committee. Applications to the spring and fall competitions should be sent via e-mail to the attention of Jessica Brown.

Fall competition deadline: October 31st, 2023

Winter competition deadline: February 29th, 2024