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Andrew Watson PhD History

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Faculty Member in History

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Research Area(s)

  • Environmental History
  • Energy History
  • Canadian History
  • Sustainability
  • Agroecosystems
  • Commodities
  • Historical GIS


Canadian history Great Plains Historical GIS Muskoka Ontario Trading Consequences agriculture agroecosystems digital history energy environmental history history social metabolism sustainability


Andrew Watson. Making Muskoka: Tourism, Rural Identity, and Sustainability, 1850-1920. Vancouver: UBC Press, 2022.


A. Watson, J. MacFadyen, and H. Willness. "Downtown Toronto’s Emergent Properties: Exploring New Methods for Using Port Records to Disaggregate Urban Metabolism in Toronto, Ontario, 1850-1926.” Historical Methods: A Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary History, (2024): 1-16. (pre-print publication available online)

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Andrew Watson. “Mobility and Sustainability: Lakeside Supply Networks in the Age of Steamboat Navigation, Muskoka, Ontario, 1880-1930.” In Moving Natures: Mobility and Environment in Canadian History, edited by Ben Bradley, Jay Young, and Colin Coates. (Calgary: University of Calgary Press, 2016), 79-102.

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Teaching & Supervision

Canadian history energy history environmental history food history sustainability urban environments

I teach several undergraduate courses in Canadian History, Environmental History, Energy History, and Climate Change.

Areas for graduate student supervision: Canadian Environmental History, Energy History, Agricultural and Rural History, Sustainability.


Canada Historical GIS Muskoka agriculture agroecosystems coal commodities energy environmental history farm systems history irrigation social metabolism sustainability

I am an environmental historian with specialization in energy, agriculture, sustainability, and commodities.

My first book, Making Muskoka: Tourism, Rural Identity, and Sustainability, 1870-1920, was published by UBC Press in 2022. I have also collaborated on interdisciplinary teams on research that explores the role of energy in shaping agroecosystems in the Great Plains and Prince Edward Island during the 19th and 20th centuries.

I am currently working on two projects. The first is an urban metabolism of Toronto from 1850-1937. Using harbour master records that list every ship that entered the port of Toronto and the commodities they delivered, I am working with Joshua MacFadyen (UPEI) to reconstruct the flow of material and energy from Great Lakes resource hinterlands into the city's downtown that were used to build, feed, and fuel Toronto as it grew from a small colonial port town into one of the largest urban, commercial, and industrial centres on the Great Lakes. The second is my current book project on a history of coal in Canada, which aims to understand the relationship between liberal democracy, capitalism, and fossil fuel energy (mainly coal) in the creation of modern Canada between 1850 and 1950.

Education & Training

PhD, History, York University

MA, History, Queen's University

BA(Honours), History, Queen's University